Staying at Disneyland resort hotel can make your vacation even more memorable, fun and magical. I have always perceived Disneyland to be a place full of magic and where all my dreams can come true. Now that I am an adult, I am fully aware that that is not really the case but still, the place is such a magical adventure that you won’t experience elsewhere. And to make your vacation even dreamier than it already is, stay at their resort hotel. I swear, if you have kids with you, they will go crazy staying here! Here are some of the reasons why you should spend your vacation here.


Reasons To Stay At Disneyland Resort Hotel: More Time For Family Fun

Disneyland Resort Hotel Because you are already within the vicinity, you are entitled to many different perks and privileges. One of them is early admission to Disney Park or Adventure Park. You get one hour early pass before the park opens to the public which is super cool because you get to enjoy the Theme Park even before everyone else does. You don’t have to wait in long lines just to experience a ride because you can easily get on and get off of them. Another thing is that, because everything Disneyland has to offer is footsteps away from you, you have more time to enjoy each offering. No more travel time just to see the parade as you can always walk a few minutes and you’re there. You also get to use secret passageways to get to different parks quicker than anybody else.


Reasons To Stay At Disneyland Resort Hotel: Storybook Vacation

One of the great things I experience staying here is that there is a Disney story happening everywhere. From themed pools that take you through a tropical Disney movie or from old civilizations or simply dine with your favorite Disney character – they can make it happen for you. This is probably the reason why many people consider this place magical. It brings to life every Disney character and story that you know. It’s like you’re inside the storybook or movie and everything happened to you. They also have wakeup calls with Disney character’s voice to jumpstart your day. If your child enjoys arts and crafts, there are workshops happening in the hotel as well that he might be interested in attending.


Quality Service In Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Resort HotelWhat everyone wants to experience in their vacation is to be treated like royalty and experience world-class service. Disney hotel does not fall short of that. Guests have the privilege to experience all the amenities that the three different hotels within the area have to offer. The service crew is also highly commended for their excellent service and hospitality. And purchasing at their stores and ordering meals are very easy. You can use your magic key to shop and dine and your purchases will be directly sent and charged to your hotel room. That is convenience at its finest!


The Land Of Magic

If you decide to stay in this hotel, you are ensured that you will really experience magic. Magic in terms of perks and privileges; magic in terms of convenience; and, magic in terms of happiness and enjoyment – you will experience it all here. So, when you do visit there next time, make sure that you book your stay at Disneyland resort hotel to experience all that magic.